Helium Tri-Mix Fills

Current Helium Pricing

  • $2.00 per cubic foot, When filling 30 Cubic foot cylinder(s) or Larger
  • Diver Dan’s is able to fill any size cylinder to DOT specifications.

Why do we use Helium?

Helium is a very light inert gas.  It is used by technical divers to reduce narcosis when diving at deeper depths. With normal air (21% oxygen/ 79% Nitrogen) nitrogen narcosis becomes an issue at these depths. To reduces the effects of the narcosis we replace some of nitrogen found in air with some helium. An example of a Trimix fill with helium in a SCUBA cylinder would be 21/35. Which is 21% oxygen, 35% Helium, 44% nitrogen, thus reducing the narcotic effect of the nitrogen in the mix.

What about Equipment Consideration?

Helium is a very light inert gas, which is non-corrosive for any Scuba gear. This means it does not react with other materials or chemicals. Cylinders, regulators and valves do not require any special preparation or cleaning to be used with helium.

However, since helium is used primarily by technical divers to blend Tri-Mix (Oxygen-Helium-Nitrogen), Scuba cylinders do require special cleaning when oxygen is used.

Special Training Requirements

Since Helium is primarily used for technical diving applications, additional training is required. Diver Dan’s offers Technical Diving Programs to teach those divers who wish to dive beyond the recreational depth limits.