Regulator and Tank Repairs and Services

Do you want to trust just anybody to repair your gear?

At Diver Dan’s, we perform all of our service in compliance with the manufacturer’s stipulations and requirements. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 90-day service labor warranty on our repairs!

We service most major brands:

Service time is currently a four to six week turn around. Additional time may be required due to availability of parts.

Rush 1-5 Day Super Service available for an additional $100.00

Service Price
Regulator First Stage* $50.00
Regulator Second Stage* $50.00
Regulator Octopus* $50.00
BCD with Standard Inflator $40.00
BCD with Octo Inflator $60.00
Visual Inspection – Scuba Cylinder (2-3 Day Turnaround) $20.00
Visual Inspection – Scuba Cylinder (1 Day Turnaround) $30.00
Visual Inspection – SCBA Cylinder (2-3 Day Turnaround) $40.00
Hydro Test – Scuba Cylinder $75.00
Hydro Test – Nitrox Scuba Cylinder (100% O2 Clean) $90.00
Hydro Test – SCBA Cylinder $75.00
Cylinder Tumble Cleaning (Hydro Required with Tumble) $50.00
Nitrox/O2 Tank Cleaning – Used Aluminum Cylinder $75.00
Nitrox/O2 Tank Cleaning – Used Steel Cylinder $125.00
Any Additional Parts Varies – Inquire

* For 100% Oxygen Regulators, Add $25.00 extra per stage.

NOTE: Any serviced item left at Diver Dan’s for more than 180 days will be concidered abandoned and become property of Diver Dan’s.

Warranty Service

  • All service is performed in compliance with the Manufacturer’s Specifications and Requirements.
  • No Warranty Service on gear where Diver Dan’s is not an Authorized Dealer.
  • All Service is warranted for 90 days.
  • No refunds for service labor or parts.