Why choose between quality rental gear and affordable prices?

At Diver Dan’s, we offer both! We are the largest rental department in the US (as far as we know). That means we don’t require reservations!

Rental period is Tuesday to Monday – All gear is due back on Monday

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to check all equipment before leaving the store.
  • All equipment is to be returned clean.
  • Wetsuits must be right side out and tanks must have a positive pressure.
  • A $10 cleaning fee will be charged for each piece of equipment returned excessively dirty, sandy, or inside out.
  • A visual inspection fee will be charged for any tank returned empty.
  • Rentals are based on time, not use. No Refunds or rainchecks. All rentals are final.

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Item Price
Wetsuit: Top, Bottom & Hood or One Piece suit $20.00
7mm Wetsuit: Top or Bottom Only $10.00
Wetsuit hood only $10.00
Regulator with Alternate, Dive Computer, Compass & Pressure Gauge $30.00
Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) with Weight Integration $20.00
Weight Belt and Weights $10.00
Aluminum Air Tanks: 50’s, 63’s or 80’s* $12.00
Aluminum Nitrox (32% O2) Tanks: 63’s and 80’s $18.00
Steel Air Tanks: 80’s or 100’s* $24.00
Steel Nitrox (32% O2) Tanks: 100’s $30.00
Drysuit & Hood $75.00
Drysuit Thermal Underwear $20.00
Mask & Snorkel $20.00
Boots $15.00
Fins $25.00

*Free Air fills on Diver Dan’s rental tanks during rental period.