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Welcome to the world of diving in Monterey!

The magnificent Monterey Peninsula has been called the greatest meeting of land and sea. If you’ve never done boat diving in Monterey, don’t put it off any longer! And, when you get there, make it easy on yourself – join us on a charter boat!

The Escapade is custom built 38 foot long Canaveral dive boat and is the newest of all the dive boats in Monterey. She is the fastest of all the dive boats cruising at speeds up to 20 knots to reduce travel time to the dive sites.

Her keel makes a very stable boat that minimizes rocking in rough seas. The Escapade is Coast Guard rated for 24 divers, but only sells 20 spots, making it roomy for everyone!

The Escapade is spacious, fast, convenient, comfortable, and professionally operated with an experienced skipper, crew and dive masters to insure your comfort and safety. Amenities include: Hot fresh-water shower, camera table and camera wash tub.

Charter Date (Sunday) Departure Time
Jan. 14 2018 8:30am
Jan. 28 2018 8:30am
Feb. 11 2016 8:30am
Feb. 25 2018 8:30am
March 11 2018 8:30am
March 25 2018 8:30am
April 15 2018 8:30am
April 25 2018 8:30am
May 13 2018 8:30am
May 27 2018 8:30am
June 17 2018 8:30am
July 1 2018 8:30am
July 22 2018 8:30am
Aug 5 2018 8:30am
Aug 19 2018 8:30am
Sept 2 2018 8:30am
Sept 23 2018 8:30am
Oct 7 2018 8:30am
Oct 21 2018 8:30am
Nov 4 2018 8:30am
Nov 18 2018 8:30am
Dec 9 2018 8:30am

Refund Policy & Trip Insurance

Diver Dan’s recommends buying Trip Insurance in the event you are unable to go on this trip.

If you need to cancel this trip, the refund policy for this trip is:

Monterey Boat Refund Policy:
Cancelation more than 7 Days before departure, Full Refund
Cancelation 3-7 Days before departure, Rain Check
Cancelation with in 3 days (72 Hrs), No refund

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