Halcyon Eclipse BCD Weighted System with ACB Pockets

$1,080.00 Plus Tax

The Halcyon Eclipse™ buoyancy compensator system comes standard with a wing, backplate, harness and crotch strap, harness hardware, weighted single tank adapter with cylinder straps and a MC Storage Pak™. Assembly is required by the user. Additional items such as Trim Weight Pockets, etc. are not included in the base price of the unit. Additional fees may apply for system upgrades.

The Halcyon Eclipse™ buoyancy compensator system is establishing a new standard for single cylinder recreational diving, while creating unprecedented streamlining, and eliminating the many unnecessary “features” that clutter traditional buoyancy compensators.

Both the Eclipse™ and Adventure/Traveler™ Pro wing has a long, narrow profile that supports the diver’s single tank along his or her entire length, preventing unnecessary drag, and minimizing in-water effort. Meanwhile, the infinitely adjustable harness prevents the frustrating lack of control found with typical buoyancy compensators.

This added stability reduces drag by encouraging a streamlined position — these changes result in less effort and more diving fun.

Custom colors available!

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Weight 20 lbs