Bare Youth 2/3mm Manta Full Wetsuit

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The BARE 3/2 Manta Full suit is great for hanging out in warm water, keeping your young ones insulated and giving added abrasion protection.

A 3mm neoprene torso with 2mm arms and legs offers your kiddo plenty of protection in mildly temperate waters during long bouts of body surfing in the tumbling waves or currents. The BARESKIN chest plate sheds water, increases warmth and insulates your children’s core so they can stay and play longer. The heavy-duty back zipper includes a loop at its base to aid in donning and doffing and the zipper itself is extra durable for all-day wearing.

An anatomically correct 3D pattern supports active movement and dynamic actions so the Manta can be used in a wide variety of activities, plus the FORMTEK kneepads protect against bruising and abrasion in case the action gets rough. Round it all out with flatseam construction that offers comfort and stretchable performance and you have an all-day solution to keep your kids warm as they recreate in your nearest rivers, lakes and oceans.

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