Bare Exowear Women’s LS Zippered Jacket

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ExoWear Front Zip Jackets provide the maximum thermal protection available in a neutrally buoyant exposure-protection garment and are designed for multi-sport use. OMNIRED™ Infrared Technology in the jacket’s fabric converts your outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to your body for thermal warmth. 3-Layer Fabric protects from the harshest elements with materials that are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and anti-microbial. And because freedom of movement is essential in the water, ExoWear’s 4-Way Stretch provides more elasticity and breathability than the 2-Way Stretch found in similar products. Zip up for warmth and protection or zip down to regulate your body temperature. This versatile piece is ideal for changing conditions and can be used on its own or added to the Long Sleeve Top or Vest.

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Weight 4 lbs
Women's Zippered Jacket

Women’s Size 4 – 017403BLK-0504, Women’s Size 6 – 017403BLK-1006, Women’s Size 8 – 017403BLK-1008, Women’s Size 10 – 017403BLK-1010, Women’s Size 12 – 017403BLK-1012, Women’s Size 14 – 017403BLK-1014