Project Halcyon Diving Program (PHD Program)

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Halcyon PHD Program

Learn From The Experts In Diver Training!

What is the Halcyon PHD Program?

The Project Halcyon Diving Program (PHD Program) is an exciting program designed by halcyon to give dives the opportunity to “test dive” halcyon products in the warm and safe environment of a swimming pool while under the careful tutelage of selected Halcyon representatives.

Each event will feature a combination of dry demonstrations, a pool session, and additional education.

The PHD program is all about having fun! Come and earn your PHD with Diver Dan’s!

Open Water certification

Training Fees

The total training fees are $00.00. The fees are broken down as follows:

$0.00 Registration Fee
$000.00 Instructor / Certification Fee

Cancellation Policy

No store fees will be refunded once class has begun. Classes are transferable for up to one year from original start date.

Class Schedule

We are offering this event over one evening on June 30th from 5:30-9PM.


What You Will Need To Buy

No equipment purchase necessary, but its not a bad idea to bring your mask and fins to the event.

What You May Rent

Halcyon will be providing equipment for this event, and is for use in the pool during the event only. No halcyon equipment will be rented to take to the ocean.

If you need any additional equipment such as mask, boots, and fins will be available at Diver Dan’s rental department.

Medical Concerns or Questions?

If you are currently under the care of a medical doctor, or have a pre-existing medical condition that requires permission from a physician, you will need to have a signed medical release form from your doctor before you can participate in any in-water activities.

To obtain a medical release form and view some conditions that would require a doctors release, download the PADI Medical Release Form to review before coming to class.

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