Aqua Lung EchoZip Diving Boots

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Ranging from warm to cold water conditions, Aqua Lung offers a wide array of boots for your diving adventure. With ergonomic soles, that add to your comfort and keep your feet warmer, soft to hard sole and quality materials and components, the Aqua Lung line of boots is a complete offering with innovative features only found in Aqua Lung boots.

Aqua Lung’s, anatomically correct Ergo design makes the Echozip Boots some of the most comfortable diving footwear available. More than a comfortable fit, these boots are bolstered by strong, durable materials that you can rely on to work during your next underwater excursion. The Ergo boots unique cut results in a boot that is better fitting with a footbed and outsole cut to match the profile of your foot. The design eliminates excess water, allowing your feet to remain warmer through your dive. In addition, the seam cuts on the boot are placed away from the widest parts of your feet, minimizing the chances of seam abrasion.

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  • Comfortable, ergonomic, prevents excess water retention
  • 8mm-thick treaded sole to protect against punctures, stings, and slips
  • Warm 7mm neoprene upper for the right amount of warmth
  • Heavy-duty, non-corrosive zipper

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