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Monterey Dive Boats
Come dive with us in Monterey


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The magnificent Monterey Peninsula has been called the greatest meeting of land and sea. If you've never done boat diving in Monterey, don't put it off any longer! And, when you get there, make it easy on yourself - join us on a charter boat!

The Escapade is custom built 38 foot long Canaveral dive boat and is the newest of all the dive boats in Monterey.

She is the fastest of all the dive boats cruising at speeds up to 20 knots to reduce travel time to the dive sites.

Her keel makes a very stable boat that minimizes rocking in rough seas.  The Escapade is Coast Guard rated for 24 divers, but only sells 20 spots, making it roomy for everyone!

The Escapade is spacious, fast, convenient, comfortable, and professionally operated with an experienced skipper, crew and dive masters to insure your comfort and safety. Amenities include: Hot fresh-water shower, camera table and camera wash tub.

The Escapade is the dive boat used exclusively by Diver Dan's!

What is the cost: $90.00

What is provided: Beverages, snacks and 2 tanks (LP 80s) of air. Enriched Air/Nitrox is available when requested at the time of booking.

What to bring: Dive Gear, C Card and personal items. Equipment may be brought aboard in soft bags only.

Arrival: 30 minutes prior to departure in order to assemble gear and suit up prior to boarding.

Departure Schedule: Boat departs promptly from "K" dock at 8:30 am for trips chartered by Diver Dan's.

Directions: The Escape leaves from "K" Dock at Old Fisherman's Wharf. (Click here for directions)

Recommendations for your Safety!

Before you sign up for this boat trip there are four questions. . .

  1. Have you dove Monterey before?
    If not we recommend Discover Local Diving
  2. Have you dove in the last year?
    If not we recommend a Refresher Class
  3. Are you Advanced Certified or Boat Diver Certified?
    If not we recommend an Advanced Class or Boat Diver Class
  4. Are you signing up and diving with a buddy?
    If you don't have a buddy we recommend joining Diver Dan's Dive Club!


2014 Boat Charters
All trips are Sunday mornings departures
Cost for 2 tank morning charter is $90.00

Charter Date (Sunday)

Departure Time Dive Boat
January 12 8:30 am Escapade
January 26 8:30 am Escapade
February 9 8:30 am Escapade
February 23 8:30 am Escapade
March 9 8:30 am Escapade
March 23 8:30 am Escapade
April 6 8:30 am Escapade
April 20 8:30 am Escapade
May 4 8:30 am Escapade
May 18 8:30 am Escapade
June 1 8:30 am Escapade
June 15 8:30 am Escapade
June 29 8:30 am Escapade
July 13 8:30 am Escapade
July 27 8:30 am Escapade
August 10 8:30 am Escapade
August 24 8:30 am Escapade
September 14 8:30 am Escapade
September 28 8:30 am Escapade
October 12 8:30 am Escapade
October 26 8:30 am Escapade
November 9 8:30 am Escapade
November 23 8:30 am Escapade
December 14 8:30 am Escapade


Refund Policy:

  • Over 7 Days - Full Refund
  • 3 to 7 Days - Rain Check
  • Less than 72 hours (3 days) - NO Refunds

Other Monterey Bay dive boats

Monterey Express

The Monterey Express is a custom Newton 42 which was designed and constructed for a single purpose – recreational diving.

The vessel is 42 feet long with a wide 16 foot beam designed for a stable diving platform and unmatched diver comfort. Powered by twin Caterpillar Turbo diesels, the 'Express cruises at 17 knots with 20 divers, tanks, and gear.

She one of the fastest and newest dive vessel in Central and Northern California. She is certified for 30 divers; however we limit the number to 20 for diver comfort.

Three hot showers round out the vessel to provide after-dive warmth for dressing for the short and fast trip back to Monterey Harbor.

Beach Hopper II

The Beach Hopper II is custom designed and built to our specifications to provide a fast, comfortable ride to premiere dive sites along the Monterey Peninsula coast and points south.

A 30 ft. USCG certified vessel equipped with all the latest electronics including radar, GPS and video display depth sounder, BEACH HOPPER II allows us to find and dive those rarely visited reefs and pinnacles south of Carmel as well as the most popular and best known Monterey and Carmel dive locations, including Pt. Lobos State Park.

Creature comforts include a head, hot shower, warm and cold beverages.

Welcome aboard the Silver Prince!
Silver Prince

The Silver Prince is a 40 foot fiberglass hull with a 12 foot beam, manufactured by Uniflite.  It is powered by twin Caterpillar diesel screws and can be anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula within 45 minutes.

Although certified by the Coast Guard for up to 20 passengers, they prefer not to book more than 14 in order to make for a less crowded diving experience.  The Silver Prince is equipped with radar, LORAN, cell phone, and marine radio, as well as all essential safety equipment.

It is one of the oldest continually-operated charter dive boats in Monterey, having been in business since 1979. They provide both tanks (Aluminum 80 cf), snacks (usually bagels and donuts in the morning and sandwiches in the afternoon), and hot drinks (soup, tea, cocoa).