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Product Name:  Avanti Quattro Fins
Product ID: 410000-SA-XXXX
Manufacturer: Mares
Mfr Suggested Price:  $139.00
Diver Dan's Price: $129.99
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  Category: Fins

MARES introduced the Avanti Quattro ABS Fin  made with two different materials, with adjustable, rotating buckled straps, with a Super Channel Thrust and OPB system to maximize thrust. Greater thrust with the same effort: Born following numerous tests on new materials in the field and in the lab, and after lengthy computer simulations intended to improve the performance.

Design/ Construction:

  • Legendary Avanti Quattro used Three Different Materials
  • OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) System
  • The Straps features the ABS (Automatic Binding System) Buckling System
  • Recognized Worldwide as the Best Strap Closure and Adjustment System
  • Super Channel Thrust Systems

Comfort & Utility:

  • Anatomical Foot Pocket with Ribbed Insole
  • Improved Stability and Performance
  • Advantage to Equivalent Sized Fins: Greater Thrust with Same Effort
  • The Elastic OPB System – Blade Assumes Optimal Angle for both Upward and Downward Stokes
  • The Super Channel Thrust makes it possible to channel the water and optimize thrust in comparison to other fins of similar size
  • The "Whale Fin" Section in Foot Pocket allows for Greater Power Transmission, with Improved Sensitivity

Thanks to the combination of the OPB and Channel Thrust systems, that have been refined even further, the Volo Power offers more power, more thrust, and requires even less effort. The "Channel Thrust" technology makes it possible to maximize channeling of the fluid streams and to move a much greater amount of water compared to other fins of the same size. The resulting advantage is greater thrusting power with the same amount of effort. If appropriate channeling occurs, all the displaced water adds thrust