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PADI Open Water Diver
(Visit PADI's "Open Water" webpage.)

Welcome to the world of SCUBA diving!
Learning how to Scuba Dive Starts Here!

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Diver Dan's is looking forward to helping you get started into the exciting world of SCUBA diving. If you have any questions, or would like to sign up contact us today.

I want to learn to scuba dive, how can I?

Now is the time to dive into the PADI Open Water Diver course, the most popular dive program in the world! This is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure with PADI, the dive company that sets the standards in the global diving community.

Why PADI Open Water?

As a certified PADI Open Water Diver, the most widely recognized and respected rating in the world, you have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional. If you already tried a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience or are PADI Scuba Diver certified, check with your instructor to see how credit from these courses may apply to the open water program.

How much is it going to cost me?

This class includes the works -- classroom & pool sessions, your ocean dives in Monterey, all the needed rental gear and of course your PADI Open Water certification card!

The total training fee is $350.00 and the fee is broken down in order to provide many training options to our clients. The breakdown is as follows:

$150.00 Registration/Facility/Rental Fee
$200.00 Instructor & Certification Fee

When you sign up for a class, the classroom, pool and rental fee will be collected.  The instructor will collect the instructor and certification fee during the first class.

Take a look at the schedules below and CLICK HERE to sign up online to reserve your spot for the next exciting class.

Hurry!  Class size is limited so early registration is recommended.

What is the class schedule?

The PADI Open Water SCUBA Course is offered in two schedule formats.   A Weeknight Format or a Weekend Accelerated Format.

The Weeknight Format is a three and a half week course consisting of seven classroom / pool sessions (twice a week), and ocean dives on the final weekend of the class.

The Weekend Accelerated Format is the exact same course except that it is done in just two weekends! The first weekend consists of all the class and pool sessions, then the ocean dives are done on the second weekend of the class.

The ocean dives consist of four SCUBA dives and one snorkeling dive (optional).

What do I need to start?

Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification.

If you are between 10 and 14 or have a child between these ages, there is the PADI Junior Open Water Diver program available.

What will I need to buy?

Before the class begins you will need the PADI Open Water Student Kit (includes the PADI Open Water Dive Manual, Dive Tables, Logbook and a Student Record File) and the PADI Open Water DVD.  An internet eLearning option from PADI is also available.

Before your first pool session, you will need to purchase your own personal gear which includes a mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves.

Why don't you order your Beginning Diver - PADI Open Water Diver Student Kit now?

Order your Student Kit here:

Mfg Price:  $77.85
Diver Dan's Price:  $69.99

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PADI Open Water Diver Course is Online!

If you wish to skip the traditional classroom training, one option you have is to do your classroom training Online. Click on the image below to learn more about PADI's eLearning!

What can I rent?

The rest of your SCUBA diving equipment is included in the Classroom/Pool/Rental Fee listed above.  The rentals include your wetsuit, hood, regulator (primary with octopus, pressure gauge, depth gauge & compass), weight belt, buoyancy control device (BCD), and tanks.

If you purchase all of the items from Diver Dan's that are included in the rentals before your ocean dives,  you will receive a $95.00 rebate!

Medical Concerns or Questions?

If you are currently under the care of a Medical Doctor, or have a pre-existing medical condition that requires permission from a Physician, you will need to have a signed Medical Release form from your doctor before you can participate in any in-water activities.

To obtain a medical release form and view some conditions that would require a doctors release, download the PADI Medical Release Form here.

OK - I'm ready! - What are the class dates?

Being a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center (IDC), Diver Dan's has the largest staff of instructors in the Bay Area.  This allows us to offer class schedules that are sure to meet your needs.  However, if you find that you are unable to find a class that fits into you schedule, just let us know as there are many options available to you from private classes to participating in multiple classes, the choice is yours.

I've Signed Up (or I want more Information)!

If you have signed up for a class please download the Open Water Sign-Up Information Packet.  It contains important information as to how the class is conducted, and will answer many of your questions.

Open Water Sign-Up Information Packet
10 page pdf file (418K)


2015 Class Schedules

2015 Weekend Accelerated Format
First Weekend: Fri @ 6:30-9:45PM, Sat and Sun @ 9AM-6PM
Ocean Dives are done on the second weekend of class

Start Date (Friday) Format Ocean Dates (Sat/Sun)
January 9, 2015 Fri/Sat/Sun January 17/18
January 16 Fri/Sat/Sun January 24/25
January 23 Fri/Sat/Sun Jan. 31/Feb. 1
January 30 Fri/Sat/Sun February 7/8
February 6 Fri/Sat/Sun February 14/15
February 13 Fri/Sat/Sun February 21/22
February 20 Fri/Sat/Sun Feb. 28/March 1
February 27 Fri/Sat/Sun March 7/8
March 6 Fri/Sat/Sun March 14/15
March 13 Fri/Sat/Sun March 21/22
March 20 Fri/Sat/Sun March 28/29
March 27 * Fri/Sat/Sun April 11/12 *
*Skips a weekend due to Easter Weekend April 4/5
April 10 Fri/Sat/Sun April 18/19
April 24 Fri/Sat/Sun May 2/3
May 1 Fri/Sat/Sun May 9/10
May 8 Fri/Sat/Sun May 16/17
May 15 Fri/Sat/Sun May 23/24
May 22 Fri/Sat/Sun May 30/31
May 29 Fri/Sat/Sun June 6/7
June 5 Fri/Sat/Sun June 13/14
June 12 Fri/Sat/Sun June 20/21
June 19 Fri/Sat/Sun June 27/28
July 10 Fri/Sat/Sun July 18/19
July 17 Fri/Sat/Sun July 25/26
July 24 Fri/Sat/Sun August 1/2
July 31 Fri/Sat/Sun August 8/9
August 7 Fri/Sat/Sun August 15/16
August 14 Fri/Sat/Sun August 22/23
August 21 Fri/Sat/Sun August 29/30
September 4 Fri/Sat/Sun September 12/13
September 11 Fri/Sat/Sun September 19/20
September 18 Fri/Sat/Sun September 26/27
September 25 Fri/Sat/Sun October 3/4
October 2 Fri/Sat/Sun October 10/11
October 9 Fri/Sat/Sun October 17/18
October 16 Fri/Sat/Sun October 24/25
October 23 Fri/Sat/Sun Oct. 31 / Nov. 1
October 30 Fri/Sat/Sun November 7/8
November 6 Fri/Sat/Sun November 14/15
November 13 Fri/Sat/Sun November 21/22
November 20** Fri/Sat/Sun December 5/6 **
**Skips a week due to Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 28/29
December 4 Fri/Sat/Sun December 12/13
December 11 Fri/Sat/Sun December 10/20

2015 Weeknight Format
Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs @ 7-10PM for 3 1/2 Weeks
Ocean Dives are done on weekend of the last week of class
Classes start on a Wednesday or Thursday evening

Start Date Format Ocean Dates (Sat/Sun)
January 8 Tue/Thu January 31/Feb. 1
January 21 Mon/Wed February 14/15
February 5 Tue/Thu Feb. 28/March 1
February 18 Mon/Wed March 14/15
March 5 Tue/Thu March 28/29
March 18 Mon/Wed April 11/12
April 2 Tue/Thu April 25/26
April 15 Mon/Wed May 9/10
April 30 Tue/Thu May 23/24
May 13 * Mon/Wed June 13/14 *
*No Class Memorial Day Week: Monday May 25th & Wednesday May 27th
June 4 Tue/Thu June 27/28
June 17 Mon/Wed July 11/12
July 9 Tue/Thu August 1/2
July 22 Mon/Wed August 15/16
August 6 Tue/Thu August 29/30
August 19 ** Mon/Wed September 19/20**
*No Class Labor Day Week: Monday September 7th & Wednesday September 9th
September 3 Tue/Thu September 26/27
September 23 Mon/Wed October 17/18
October 8 Tue/Thu October 31/Nov. 1
October 21 Mon/Wed November 14/15
November 5 *** Tue/Thu December 5/6 ***
November 18*** Mon/Wed December 19/20 ***
***No Class Thanksgiving Week: Monday Nov. 23 to Thursday Nov 26

Sign Up Now!

If you'd like to organize your own private group lesson for a business, school, church or other group of individuals, refer to our current pricing schedule for private classes or contact us for more information.

Where can I go from here?

Continue the adventure with PADI’s Adventures in Diving program, your next step in exploring the underwater world.  Stop by the shop for more information on the PADI Adventures in Diving program.